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Mystery at Banteay Kdei

Cambodia is a place full of mystery: it is hard to put it into words, because how can one describe something that one doesn’t really understand. I am not a person that believes too much in ‘mysterious’ things either, but on a number of occasions, whilst being out and about in Cambodia, have I had
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Le Tour de Cambodge

It is that time of the year again: the grandest of cycling tours began on Saturday, the 5th of July, albeit at an unusual starting point, with the first three stages of the race taking place in England for only the 4th time in the 101 year history of the event. The Tour de France,
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The real snake-boy

A couple of months ago my friend Alessandro found a clip on YouTube that tells the story of a boy called Sambath, at the time 9 years old, that had a very large Burmese Python as his best friend. Apparently the boy’s family found the young snake around the time when Sambath was born and
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